Our Team

Our company employs engineers, technicians, sales consultants and trainers for manufacturing and selling metal detectors, ground scanners and geophysical instruments for treasure hunters, archaeologists and prospectors.

Andreas Krauß, Managing Director Andreas Krauß
Managing Director
Ingolf Müller, Managing Director Ingolf Müller
Managing Director
Dipl.-Inf. Christian Becker, Software Developer Dipl.-Inf. Christian Becker
Software Developer
Nancy Quellmalz, Customer Support Nancy Quellmalz
Customer Support

Dipl.-Ing. Ronald Jung, Sales Consultant & Trainer Dipl.-Ing. Ronald Jung
Sales Consultant & Trainer

Peter Schubert, Sales Consultant & Trainer Peter Schubert
Sales Consultant & Trainer

Dipl.-Ing. Enrico Günther, Hardware Developer Dipl.-Ing. Enrico Günther
Hardware Developer
Mario Kuban, Hardware Developer Mario Kuban
Hardware Developer
Ute Schütz, Electronics Technician Ute Schütz
Electronics Technician
Petra Helbig, Electronics Technician Petra Helbig
Electronics Technician
Jacqueline Müller, Accounting Jacqueline Müller

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