How do I know if it is a genuine OKM metal detector?

It often happens that illegal replicas or reconstructions of OKM detectors appear on the market. This cheap and non-functional fakes will bring nothing but trouble. Original OKM devices can be purchased only from the listed distributors! Some characteristics of genuine OKM devices can be found below on this page. If you have any doubts, please call us before purchasing a device!

Current warnings / Avoid those companies


Do not buy any detectors from the company 'Gökalp Elektronik' from Istanbul!

This company is selling non-functional fakes (pirate copies) as well as errornous and out-dated software. If you already purchased a device from this company please contact us!

We already tested one of those devices and has been shocked about the results. Most wires had no connection. Some of the functions were not available anyhow. It was not possible to accomplish correct measurements and the results were not repeatable nor valid.

This mainly - but not exclusively - concerns the devices Rover C II and Rover Deluxe.

Original / Genuine
Scratch-resistant surfaces of all case parts made of solid black plastic assures durability.
Fake / Pirate Copy
By scratching slightly on the surface you can remove the black painting from the case.
Original / Genuine
Warranty is only available with original security seals.
Fake / Pirate Copy
No warranty claims accepted with fake security seals.
Original / Genuine
Look for the original nameplate of OKM devices.
Fake / Pirate Copy
Wrong nameplate of a non-functioning pirate copy.

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