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Metal detectors, 3d ground scanners and ground penetrating radars,

that's our business and we are proud to support archeologists and professional treasure hunters all over the world with our metal detectors made in Germany. But not only prospectors can use this special metal detecting equipment. Our geophysical measuring instruments are also usable for military and industrial tasks like the detection of tunnels and cavities, pipelines, metal targets and other anomalies deep in the ground.

Several specialized metal detectors can discriminate between different kind of metals like gold, silver or other precious metals. In this way you have the possibility to recover long time buried treasures and find precious ancient targets laying underground. Visualize the hidden objects deep under the ground surface in graphical 3d representations where you can determine the position, size and depth of buried objects.

We are looking forward to assist you in selecting one of our metal detectors!

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Check out our newest products like metal detectors, 3d ground scanners, ground penetrating radars, long range detectors, gold and treasure detectors.

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Inform yourself about the latest treasure finds that have been detected by our valued customers by using our metal detectors and ground scanners.

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