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10 reasons to buy an OKM metal detector from Germany

Why should you buy a metal detector from OKM? There are a lot of good reasons, here are a few:

1. Extraordinary technology

The products of the FS Future Series includes unique technologies always up to the moment. All high quality products are made in Germany with due diligence.

2. Maximal performances and optimized functionality

The geophysical instruments of FS Future Series are deep penetrating treasure locators capable of finding gold, silver and other precious metals including meteorites as well as voids like grave chambers, tunnels, tombs and all type of anomalies under the ground. By using a FS Future Series measuring instrument you can locate deep targets beyond any other usual metal detector. Furthermore FS Future Series are able to create a 3d image of the underground where all anomalies and buried targets becomes visible. So it is possible to determine the position, size and depth of buried items or caves.

3. Worldwide secured shipping

OKM offers a worldwide shipping in almost every country in the world. Shipping is done with international transportation service under insurrance. You will get a tracking number immediately after sending out the goods to track the status of your packages while they're in transit.

The 3d metal detector eXp 5000 with video eyewear.
The scan image of a underground tunnel created with Visualizer 3D. The blue color indicates hidden cavities.

4. Approved and certified equipment

All FS Future Series products has been intesively tested and certified by a leading Physicist and technical expert in Germany. Great treasure finds & discoveries from various countries have proved the reliability and performance of OKM products.

5. OKM experts support you

OKM is well-known for its personal experts and product support and wants all its customers to use the geophyiscal instruments correctly. The correct usage of your device is most important to locate treasures, metals or voids. In case of any problems or questions how to use your metal detector, how to do measurements with your gpr, how to analyse the 3d graphics of the underground, how to find position and depth of a metal target or how to discriminate between iron, gold, silver or aluminium - contact our support team and they will help you in a quick and easy way. Support is possible personally in our company, via email, phone, online chat or fax.

6. Training possibilities

Although the usage of our metal detectors is very easy and the measuring instruments are delivered with a detailed user manual, a training lesson can be obtained in our factory. We offer you an outdoor testing area, to see the functionning of our devices in real conditions as well as a conference room for indoor presentation and graphical analysis on a computer. Our staff will be at your disposal to answer to all your questions and practice with your metal detector for your own needs. So you will receive optimal results and will be ready to locate your treasure. You are welcome in our factory, please call us, to do an arrangement for your individual training.

OKM Emirates FZE gives a demonstration of geophysical instrument Future I-160 in Dubai.
This treasure hunter from Mexico proudly presents his treasure box filled with coins. It has been detected with Rover C.

7. Warranty

OKM provides a 2 years warranty for all delivered goods. Within this regular warranty period all repairs are free of charge. After the expiration of the warranty period, you will receive an estimate of repair costs. The label stickers on each side of the device are warranty seals, and indicate that the device has not been opened. Any break, removal or damage to that seal terminates the factory warranty agreement.

8. Global distributor network

With our network of global distributors we reach customers all around the world. We offer service, technical support, training possibilities, demonstrations, information and help in many languages.

9. Satisfaction guarantee

We promise to do our best to keep all OKM customers satisfied. If by any reason your metal detector does not what you expect, please contact us and we can find a way to solve any problem.

10. Find the treasure with OKM

We do not only sell our product to you, we will also offer the best after sales service, help you to use your device in a correct way and analyse your measurement results. Furthermore we offer our professional advice and knowledge of treasure hunting in various countries and assist you for your lifetime to finally make your dream come true to locate a treasure.

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