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Gold Detectors made in Germany with 3D Detection Technology by OKM

Since our company started developing innovative and high-performing 3d metal detectors and gold detectors in Altenburg, which is situated in the Eastern part of Germany, our OKM Detection Technology has greatly evolved and we are proud to offer our best metal detection technology ever. We started our business in 1998 and over the last 20 years we invented and created some very unique ideas like

  • 3d ground scanners to visualize underground treasures and buried objects
  • Gold detectors with live streaming 3d graphics
  • Metal detectors with Multi-Sensor-Technology
  • Easy to use treasure detectors with color touchscreens and video glasses
  • Metal discrimination features to distinguish metallic targets (precious or ferrous)
  • LED integration for night searches
  • 360° Orbit-Technology
  • Gold scanner with telescopic sensors

So we are very proud to supply archaeologists, treasure hunters, gold seekers and prospectors with our very own German Metal Detection Technology.

OKM Gold Detectors - Often imitated but never duplicated

Over the last years a lot of replicas and fake gold detectors have been introduced to the world markets. Many plagiarists pretend to manufacture 3d detectors made in Germany but actually producing cheap toys in foreign countries like Turkey, China or Iran. Those companies promise everything to their customers for a sale. So be aware of fraudsters and pirate copies and choose proven and tested gold and metal detectors from OKM instead.

Did you know that OKM is the only German manufacturer of 3d gold detectors that has been officially tested by independent technical experts from Germany's Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)? Go ahead and read our blog post regarding these tests and its certification!

Our well educated trainers and support personal will demonstrate the capabilities of our gold and metal detectors in our factory in Germany or one of our authorized dealers will give you a presentation at their facilities. Therefor we constructed a test field where our visitors and potential gold seekers can test all our gold detectors, 3d ground scanners and metal detectors before purchase.

Visit OKM's factory in Germany and meet us personally

Take the opportunity and visit our factory in Germany to learn more about our gold metal detectors and how we build it. Thus you can form your own opinion about our products and see where your detector is effectively manufactured – namely Made in Germany.

Prominent headquarter office
Prominent headquarter office
OKM develops, manufactures and commercialises their products in a golden pyramid.

We even established our own Research and Development department to investigate new ways of how to detect buried objects and structures. But that's not all, we also have other in-house services like

  • Circuit board design and placement
  • Mold design and construction
  • Software development and programming
  • Detector assembly and testing
  • Sales and support services

Every OKM customer is important and we will support our users with the greatest appreciation. We help via telephone, e-mail, skype or live chat as well as personal training and schooling. We are always at your service!

Success stories of OKM's gold and metal detectors

The metal detector business came a long way and many gold seekers, treasure hunters and metal detecting enthusiasts joined this fantastic field of activity, no matter if as profession or just for recreational purposes. Exploring the great outdoors with a 3d ground scanner or metal detector to find ancient rings, historic coins or even treasure chests and tombs is just great and some users made a fortune.

The essential advantage of an OKM gold detector or 3d ground scanner – compared to common metal detectors - is its extensive depth penetration. While low budget detectors can find small stuff like rings and coins close to the ground surface, the powerful ground scanners manufactured by our company can also find large items in much greater depth as countless treasure finds prove true, for example

We would like to welcome you as the next proud owner of an OKM gold detector, 3d ground scanner or other metal detector. Check our products, test our service and see by yourself. We will be pleased to assist you in choosing the right equipment and with an OKM detector you will also find your treasures soon.

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