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How to detect a treasure with FS Future Series products?

To locate a treasure with one of our metal detector products or geophysical instruments is very easy. Our treasure hunting devices are also suitable for beginners or users with less experience in metal detection.

Before you start the measurement you have to prepare the treasure detector for a measurement in a specific area where you suppose a treasure. Usually there is a power supply which has to be connected to the main control unit of your metal detector and a specially delivered probe. There are various probes available for each metal detector unit. Please check the appropriate product description.

The operator is using an OKM metal detector to locate buried objects.

When antenna and battery are connected to the metal detecting instrument you can start the research.

A square area has to be defined which you like to explore (e.g. 10 by 10 meters). Then you have to scan the area in a predefined way. You move the device over a specific area to scan the ground and collect data for your 3d scan image. The control unit of your measuring instruments send out impulses and collect information from the underground. Afterwards it calculates all information of the underground to create a 3d image.

Inside this 3d scan image all underground anomalies becomes visible. In this way it is possible to locate buried items like ferrous and precious metals, voids, water deposits and other underground structures. In the 3d software program it is possible to analyse the position, size and depth of located targets or voids.

After you located a metallic object you can use special metal discrimination probes to find out which material of metal you detected. So you can differentiate between iron, gold, silver or aluminium. Please check the instructions to find out if your metal detector offers this function.

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