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Free OKM downloads

In this section you will find several free downloads such as Bluetooth drivers, usb cable drivers, software updates and user's manuals. The drivers are necessary to be installed to transfer your scan data to the software while the manuals will help you to understand your OKM metal detector, ground penetrating radar or geophysical instrument.

Bluetooth drivers


Before any measured data can be transfered via Bluetooth between your 3d metal detector and OKM's visualizing software the appropriate Bluetooth drivers have to be installed. You can download the free Bluetooth drivers here.

User's manuals


The most important information sources concerning our metal detectors, ground scanners and ground penetrating radars are our instruction manuals. Here is the right place to download the user manuals.

From time to time we are updating our 3d visualization software to add new features or improve its functionality. Here you can download free updates.

USB Cable Drivers


Some of our 3d ground scanners transfer recorded measure values by using an usb cable. Therefor it is necessary to install appropriate usb cable drivers that can be downloaded here.

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