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USB Cable Drivers

Some of our 3d ground scanners transfer recorded measure values by using an usb cable. Therefor it is necessary to install appropriate usb cable drivers that can be downloaded here. You may also find these drivers on your software CD ("drivers\usb_cable\"). These usb cable drivers are only necessary for metal detectors with usb cable. That are:

Download USB drivers

Download the following ZIP file onto your computer and extract it into any folder. Then follow the instructions of your user's manual or use one of the instruction documents below!

  USB Driver Package

Size: 819.59 KB


In the following documents you can read anything about the correct installation of the USB drivers on your Windows operating system.

  Install USB drivers on Windows (English)
  Installation der USB-Treiber in Windows (Deutsch)
  Installez drivers USB sur Windows (Français)

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