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Mini laptop - Preconfigured computer with Visualizer 3D

Our metal detecting accessories are compatible with many OKM metal detectors and are used to optimize the measuring process and support the analysis of the targets.

The mini laptop is very suitable for outdoors use due to its little weight of not even 1 kg and the strong battery with more than 8 hours operating time. The analysis of scanned data and the graphical analysis for hidden artefacts like gold and silver or the detection of chambers, caves or tombs is possible also in areas with difficult access, not only because of its small dimensions of 26 x 18 x 4 cm. Due to the integrated LED background lighting the mini laptop can be used without any difficulties even in bad lighting conditions like dawn, during the night or for detecting inside of caves, treasure chambers and underground grave chambers.

All software programs and drivers are preconfigured on the mini laptop.
The mini notebook is lightweight and portable. So all measurement results can be analyzed and evaluated on-site.

The notebook is provided with installed Windows 7 operating system, all drivers for bluetooth and the Visualizer 3D software. The notebook is a free gift for the purchase of the following detectors:

  • Rover C
  • Rover C II
  • Rover Deluxe

You get the mini laptop for the metal detectors with a high resolution 10,1" monitor. Besides to the already installed software, you have also easy and fast access to detailed user manuals of the metal detectors via the desktop. The treasure hunter can start detecting right away without the need of installing and configuring the 3d software or bluetooth drivers. A specially essential advantage for computer beginners!

The OKM metal detectors for treasure hunting transfer measured data of the underground rapidly and without any data loss via a strong bluetooth transmission method to the laptop to visualize the position of caves, voids, treasure chests, tunnels, precious metals or gold and silver targets within the software Visualizer 3D. By using the notebook you have the advantage to get fast results of the measurements directly during the measurement itself or right after the bluetooth data transfer.

Even without using any detecting instrument of the Rover Series, you can take advantage of the mini laptop. You have the option to purchase the mini laptop for an additional charge for all other OKM metal detectors which support visual graphical analysis!

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