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Standard 3D - 3d visualization software

Our 3D software is designed in that way, that even less experienced users can work with it. Often it is not sufficient to know that an hidden object has been located. For further plans to recover these objects the determination of the exact position and depth is necessary - no problem with our software.

With the standard software you can create graphical measurements and evaluate them on a computer. In that way you can identify easily metals and cavities.

The following features are available in this software program:

  • 3D graphic
  • Depth measurement
  • Determination of position
  • Manual correction of error signals
  • Printout
  • Variable wireframe representation
  • Live picture (only with the devices Future 2005 and Future I-160)

Extended features for the evaluation of measured data has been integrated professional and optional available software Visualizer 3D.

  Software: Standard 3D - User's Manual (english)
  Software: Standard 3D - Benutzerhandbuch (deutsch)

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