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Mounting Kit for Power Pack

The Mounting Kit for the Power Pack is a very useful utility for carrying the OKM metal detector Power Pack. Mount the Power Pack to the telescopic rod of your 3D ground scanner, ground penetrating radar or directly on a battery belt for your body.

The individual components of the Mounting Kit for the Power Pack.
The Holder of the Power Pack attaches to the belt mount.

With this Mounting Kit you can carry the OKM Power Pack directly on a belt utilizing a simple connector system. Additionally the Power Pack is set with Velcro to make sure it can not fall off or slip during the operation of your sub-surface geophysical measuring instrument.

The belt clip for the Power Pack.
The Holder with Power Pack is attached to the belt clip.

For all of the OKM metal detectors, 3d ground scanners, ground penetrating radars and other detectors which are using a telescopic rod assembly, it is possible to mount the Power Pack directly on the bottom of the telescopic rod assembly arm holder. Thus giving the detector a better balance during the use and operation.

The telescopic rod mount for the Power Pack.
The Holder with the Power Pack attaches to the telescopic rod mount.

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