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We don't manufacture this product anymore.
We recommend the eXp 6000 - Professional as replacement.

Metal detector eXp 5000 - Archeological exploration

The Earth Imager are the stars of our "FS - Future Serie". They can represent graphical measuring results without using any additional computer. Because of the high amount of optional accessories they are extendable individually. Every customer can purchase only that what he needs for his purposes.

The metal detector eXp 5000 is a measuring instrument of newest technology and has been developed in particular for professional use. Through the supplied video eyeglasses buried objects like boxes, pipes, metals but also cavities and grave chambers under the surface becomes visible immediately. Furthermore the video eyeglasses are optimised for the search during the night and also protects against perturbing sunlight at day.

Compact equipment and easy handling

The Earth Imager eXp 5000 includes an easily removable control unit which makes it easier to use in different areas. With its compact equipment the device is also easy to handle in terrains which are difficult to access.

The video eyewear of the metal detector eXp 5000 makes underground treasures visible.
Metal detector eXp 5000, Professional treasure hunting detector

Fast processing of measured data

The device allows measurements in brilliant resolutions. All recorded data is processed immediately through the integrated pc-module and becomes visible through the video eyeglasses. The size of any measurement is almost indefinite and only limited by the storage capacity of 256 MB. All collected measured data can be transferred afterwards to a personal computer to analyse the results professionally in the software program Visualizer 3D. Besides the measuring values additional information like

  • the date and time,
  • the used antenna,
  • the GPS coordinates (if GPS has been activated) and
  • the current measurement settings

will be stored in every graphical representation automatically. Date and time settings can be adapted individually to the actual time zone.

Metal detector eXp 5000 with GPR-antenna 50 cm
Control unit of the metal detector eXp 5000, mounted to the telescopic rod assembly with GPR-antenna 50 cm
Metal detector eXp 5000 with Super Sensor
Control unit of the metal detector eXp 5000 carried around the neck; used with Super Sensor
Certification Labels
Certified German Detection TechnologyView Certificate

Certified German Detection Technology

View Certificate

Data transmission via USB

Data transmission via USB

Compliance with CE policies

Compliance with CE policies

Individual operating modes

The geophysical instrument and metal detector eXp 5000 supports different operating modes which can be used for specific underground investigations. According to your personal requirements one of the following operating modes comes into operation:

  • Magnetometer ( detect ferromagnetic metals )
  • Ground Scan ( create colored representations of the underground in 3D )
  • Discrimination ( metal discrimination: precious metals / base metals )
  • Metal Detector ( metal discrimination: gold, silver, iron and aluminium )
  • Live Scan ( live display of the underground )
  • Thermograph ( measure differences in temperature )
  • Thermo Scan ( create infrared images in 3D )

GPS receiver for navigation

The integrated GPS receiver refers every recorded measurement to its appropriate measured area. If you do not know exactly where a measurement was performed, the metal detector eXp 5000 is able to navigate you to the corresponding place.

Optional accessories as specialization

With different antennas the metal detector eXp 5000 can be optimized on special purposes:

  • GPR-antennas ( 25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm ) to scan the underground in 3D
  • Tunnel Sensor ( antenna for tunnel and cavity detection )
  • DDV system ( Antenna for metal discrimination ) to discriminate between gold, silver, iron and aluminium
  • Super Sensor for high resolution ground scans in 3D
  • Livestream Sensor for live display of buried objects
  • FS-Thermoscan to create infrared images in 3D

Livestream Sensor

The Livestream Sensor shows hidden objects immediately. As soon as you move the antenna over an object it will be shown in the video eyeglasses of the Earth Imager eXp 5000.

Here we present some relevant discoveries, which have been located. If you also made a discovery or know somebody who made a fantastic find with our metal detectors, just write us an email or use our online form!

One of our chinese customers detected an amazing coin treasure using his OKM 3D ground scanner eXp 5000. He located hundreds of so-called "cash"-coins buried in 3 meters depth.

Those antique objects have been found by a treasure hunter in Lebanon with the OKM ground scanner eXp 5000. This historical find contained different miniature statues of a size of 15 – 25 cm, as well as several coins and rings with inscription. These artifacts are probably from the 17th or 18th century. At this time the today's Lebanon still belonged to the former Ottoman Empire. Elaborations are not known.

In 2010 the eXp 5000 again shows its agility for being a truly professional detector. During a customer training in Sulaymania, Iraq, a mummified cat was found. This discovery was found at a depth of about 1.5 m. In addition to the mummified animal a few coins were discovered.

This medal has been detected by the 3d metal detector eXp 5000 in North Africa. It is obviously a German/Italian locket. The inscription says: "Campagna Italo-Tedesca in Africa. Italienisch-Deutscher Feldzug in Afrika." This metal detector find reminds of the Italian German campaign in Africa in 1937/1942. Mussolini's National Fascist Party created this Italian/German African campaign medal in memory of the actions of the German Africa Corps DAK (Deutsche Afrika Korps) in the North African campaign.

Some successful treasure hunters wrote an email with the following content: "Our team found some treasures. We found some bronze objects in an old tomb. The finds are from about 1700 years ago. I attached one of it with this email. It is a bowie knife. [...] I have a basic package of eXp 5000".

In the following table you can see the complete delivery contents and all optional accessories. The used symbols have the following signification:

x times includedx = x times included
not included = not included
optional available, only for additional charge = optional available, only for additional charge
3D software ( "Visualizer 3D" ) with data cableYes1Yes1Yes1
Control unitYes1Yes1Yes1
GPR-antenna ( 50cm )Yes1Yes1Yes1
GPS receiver with cableYes1Yes1Yes1
Power Pack incl. charger and travel adapterYes1Yes2Yes1
Telescopic rod assemblyYes1Yes1Yes1
User's manualYes1Yes1Yes1
Video eye glasses with integrated headphonesYes1Yes1Yes1
Waterproof and shock resistant Peli caseYes1Yes2Yes2
Antenna for tunnel detectionOptionalOptionalYes1
DDV, Disc Detector Visualization SystemOptionalYes1Yes1
GPR-antenna ( 100cm )OptionalOptionalYes1
GPR-antenna ( 25cm )OptionalOptionalYes1
GPR-antenna ( 75cm )OptionalOptionalYes1
Livestream sensorOptionalYes1Yes1
Super sensorOptionalYes1Yes1

The following technical indications are medial values. During operation small variations are quite possible.

Control unit

Operating temperature
0 °C - 70 °C
Storage temperature
-20 °C - 60 °C
Air humidity
5 % - 75 %
Dimensions (H x W x D)
8 x 13 x 18 cm
approx. 2 kg
9.6 - 14.4 VDC, 22 W maximum
Safety class
Operating time (full charged battery, delivered power supply, 25° C)
approx. 3 hours
Video eyeglasses
640 x 480 Pixel, Color
300 MHz Prozessor, INTEL i586-compatible
Working memory
256 MB RAM
Data memory
256 MB
audible, visual

Data transmission (USB)

Maximum Transfer Rate
19200 Baud

Computer, minimum requirements

CD-ROM drive
minimum 4x
Interface (Data transmission)
Free disk space
minimum 50 MB
Working memory (RAM)
minimum 256 MB
Graphic card
minimum 128 MB, OpenGL-compatible
minimum 1.2 GHz
Operating system
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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