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New OKM metal detector Rover C4 available

We are proud to present our new 3D ground scanner Rover C4. We improved the metal detection technology of the Rover Series and created this powerful metal detector. Easy handling via touch screen, multilingual operation and an innovative LED orbit, that indicates underground targets visually are only some of the unique features of this OKM metal detector.

Rover C4 with LED orbit
Rover C4 metal detector with LED orbit
The Rover C4 ground scanner with innovative LED orbit is the perfect tool for treasure hunters. The color LEDs visualize existing underground treasures immediately.
Simple operation via touch screen
Simple touch screen operation
The Rover C4 is operated via touch screen. Alternative hardware buttons can also be used to select options and operating modes.
Ground scanning with Rover C4
Ground scanning with Rover C4
By walking over an unknown area and recording scan data, the treasure hunter can detect underground treasures and buried artifacts.

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