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OKM in Press and Media

On this page you will find several field tests, testimonials and newspaper reports about OKM and its 3d metal detectors and ground scanners.

Videos about OKM and its metal detectors are available on our video page or at OKM Metal Detector TV.

POWER, the HELUKABEL Group customer magazine, has published an informative article about OKM from Altenburg, Germany. The main topic of this report is the geophysical water detector GeoSeeker, that is used by well drillers to detect underground deposits of fresh water.

A short report about OKM in the Special Report Germany of the Gulf News from UAE.

A field test about the 'Rover UC' metal detector and 3d ground scanner written by Andy Sabisch in the 'Lost Treasure' magazine.

A company profile about OKM GmbH from Germany written by Andy Sabisch for the Lost Treasure Magazine.

Introduction and Field Test about the Evolution metal detector in the French treasure hunting magazine "Le Prospecteur".


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