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A small team from OKM has been asked to search for a lost Nazi treasure. According to the initiator of the treasure hunt some art treasures from a nearby lime works are buried in a forrest.

A short report about OKM in the Special Report Germany of the Gulf News from UAE.

This video utilizes the Free App of the Rover UC from Google Play. It shows and demonstrates all the software functions.

Geophysical investigations with the metal detectors Future I-160 and eXp 4000 over an unimpressive field in Belgium unearthed astonishing discoveries. For 90 years it was hidden deep under the surface of the Belgium ground but now the underground bunker system is explored by british scientists. This is the start of an exciting time travel back into the time of World War I ...



Seismic vibration system to detect hidden cavities, e.g. bunker, tunnel and caves.



Device to locate cavity by measuring differences in temperature.

The Future I-160 detected a crashed fighter plane from World War II in the heart of London.

An exciting adventure of the OKM treasure hunting team searching for the hidden gold of the guerillas.

Tested and certified by one of the leading technical experts in Germany

Compact equipment to detect water deposits.

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