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Alexander the Great created a powerful world empire and went down in history as one of the most important commanders

One of our customers found some late medieval artifacts in North Iran with the 3D ground scanner Future I-160 at a depth of 6 meters.

In this film we are introducing our new Gepard GPR, a flexible ground penetrating radar, and its unique Android software application.

The Gepard GPR is a flexible ground penetrating radar for underground anomaly detection.

This video utilizes the Free App of the Rover UC from Google Play. It shows and demonstrates all the software functions.



Seismic vibration system to detect hidden cavities, e.g. bunker, tunnel and caves.



Device to locate cavity by measuring differences in temperature.

The Future I-160 detected a crashed fighter plane from World War II in the heart of London.

Inhabitants know that bunkers are hidden somewhere in this area, which supposed to be filled with gold of the guerillas during World War II.

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