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From time to time we are updating our 3d visualization software to add new features or improve its functionality. Here you can download free updates.

Our 3D software is designed in that way, that even less experienced users can work with it. Often it is not sufficient to know that an hidden object has been located. For further plans to recover these objects the determination of the exact position and depth is necessary - no problem with our software.

Software activation


Before you can use your for the first time you have to activate it.

The standard software for graphical analysis and evaluation of measurements is already included in most of the packages.

Free OKM downloads


In this section you will find several free downloads such as Bluetooth drivers, usb cable drivers, software updates and user's manuals.

The notebook is provided with installed Windows 7 operating system, all drivers for bluetooth and the award winning Visualizer 3D software.

Visualizer 3D

  01.06.2004     Software · Visualizer 3D

Simplified depth measurement and optimized functionality allows a simple usage of the Visualizer 3D software for all devices with graphical representation.

Bluetooth drivers


Before any measured data can be transfered via Bluetooth between your 3d metal detector and OKM's visualizing software the appropriate Bluetooth drivers have to be installed. You can download the free Bluetooth drivers here.

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With his eXp 4500 a successful treasure hunter and OKM customer located numerous coins which date back to the 15th century. After repeated measurements in Ground Scan mode and subsequent analysis in the software Visualizer 3D, he found the treasure buried in 1.70 meters depth.

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