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RSS feeds of OKM metal detectors, treasure finds and blog posts

You like to receive the most important amendments and latest information about our metal detectors, treasure finds and blog posts in short and clear form? Our RSS-Feeds are exactly what you need.

You can download and view the following RSS feeds with browsers (e.g. Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer), email programs (such as Thunderbird, Mail or Outlook) or with special newsreaders and feedreaders. Mostly you decide yourself when the respective feed should be loaded again.

Thus you never miss any important news and other information published on our website. We provide our feeds as RSS and Atom.

If you like to receive all information, please find our complete RSS feed here:

  • All information about OKM (all RSS feeds summarized)

    Available formats: RSS, Atom

If you are only interested in partial information, you can download the following RSS feeds:

  • Treasure finds with OKM metal detectors

    Available formats: RSS, Atom

  • Blog articles about treasure hunts and archeology

    Available formats: RSS, Atom

  • OKM's metal detectors, gold and treasure detectors and all other products

    Available formats: RSS, Atom

  • Interesting videos about OKM detectors

    Available formats: RSS, Atom

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