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eXp 4500 is a 3d ground scanner and imaging metal detector for treasure hunters, gold seekers and propectors.

Alexander the Great created a powerful world empire and went down in history as one of the most important commanders

eXp 6000 is a wireless 3d ground scanner and metal detector with touch screen and video eye glasses for treasure hunters, gold seekers and prospectors.

Related to the Future 2005 but with quad resolution for superior graphics. Also adequate for industrial tasks.

The news channel EuroNews reported that a French archaeologist, who was using a Rover C II discovered a new underground chamber in the Incan city of Machu Picchu in Peru.

The Future I-160 detected a crashed fighter plane from World War II in the heart of London.

Inhabitants know that bunkers are hidden somewhere in this area, which supposed to be filled with gold of the guerillas during World War II.

Report from the dutch 'Coinhunter Magazine' about a sensational discovery of a bunker system from World War I.

Report from the french magazine 'Trésors de l'Histoire' about the Vampire Dugout, an underground bunker and tunnel system from World War I.

The Australian Bunker and Military Museum is using the Future I-160 ground scanner to find hidden bunkers.

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