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Future Series

All OKM articles related to Future Series are listed here. Many of our metal detector pages are tagged with Future Series.

A very small metal detector with touch-screen and wireless telescopic probe.

Related to the Future 2005 but with quad resolution for superior graphics. Also adequate for industrial tasks.

FS Future Series offers professional metal detecting instruments for all treasure hunters, metal detectorists, prospectors and gold seekers all around the globe.

To locate a treasure with one of our metal detector products or geophysical instruments is very easy. Our treasure hunting devices are also suitable for beginners or users with less experience in metal detection.

This statue with the height of 15 cm is the result of an archeological excavation in Greece. By using the Future 2005 this object has been found in a depth of 1,10 m, told us the happy finder.

With the help of the geophyiscal measuring instrument Future I-160 this golden stone has been found.

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