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A successful treasure hunter and proud owner of an eXp 4500 3D ground scanner recently informed us about his wonderful find of coins. Near the Greek city of Feres at the border to Turkey he found numerous ancient Greek gold coins.

Alexander the Great created a powerful world empire and went down in history as one of the most important commanders

Customers from Greece proudly informed us about this incredible finding with their geophysical instrument Rover C. Although if non-metallic, the device Rover C located this glas vase as an underground anomaly in the measured area. Determination of position and depth of this ancient target was also possible due to the 3d software program. The vase has been detected in a depth of about 1 m in neutral soil conditions.

The curse of the gold

  15.01.2007     Greece · Video

Another exciting expedition of the OKM treasure hunting team on the research of the lost guerilla gold.

During World War II inhabitants buried all their treasures together with all their belongings near to the village to save it from attacks and plunderings of enemies.

An exciting adventure of the OKM treasure hunting team searching for the hidden gold of the guerillas.

Inhabitants know that bunkers are hidden somewhere in this area, which supposed to be filled with gold of the guerillas during World War II.

Report about an amazing gold treasure from World War II in Greece.

Report about finding a lost Nazi gold cache in Greece.

A treasure hunter from Greece, who is using eXp 4000, found several ancient coins within an old grave. The treasure contains about 54 coins in three different sizes and motifs. Unfortunately the treasure hunter could not give any details on the age or regional provenance of the coins.

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