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OKM is one of the leading manufacturers of 3d ground scanners, metal detectors, water detectors and ground penetrating radars. The specialities of OKM are its super depth penetration as well as graphical 3d representations of measuring results.

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The long-term sales partner UDS from France visited OKM Germany to consolidate the sales partnership, test the latest metal detectors and talk about recent and future projects. Moreover, it was an exceptional opportunity to get a first-hand insight into treasure hunting success stories: Find out, how OKM treasure detectors are related to the sensational discovery of the lost tomb of Alexander the Great.

This year's summer event of the Bundesforum Mittelstand e.V. was hosted by OKM Metal Detectors. At OKM headquarters, a golden pyramid within a business park in Altenburg, the manufacturer of geophysical instruments builds premium-quality metal detectors, ground scanners and ground penetrating radars (GPR). All invited guests used the opportunity to take part on a guided company tour, an exciting presentation as well as a little treasure hunt.

OKM Emirates FZE is our subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates and takes care of our valued Middle East customers. The office is located in the SAIF Zone in Sharjah and keeps stock of any metal detector and 3d ground scanner manufactured by OKM Germany.

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Our Team

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Our company employs engineers, technicians, sales consultants and trainers for manufacturing and selling metal detectors, ground scanners and geophysical instruments for treasure hunters, archaeologists and prospectors.

OKM Ortungstechnik GmbH was founded in 2002 and belongs to the leading manufacturers of geophysical measuring instruments in todays market.

Why should you buy a metal detector from OKM? There are a lot of good reasons, here are a few:

All of our metal detectors and geophysical detecting instruments are part of the "FS - Future Series", a line of our latest technology to detect buried objects and underground structures. Beside the measuring instruments it includes our 3D software which assures a detailed analysis of the measured results.

In our metal detecting and treasure hunting blog we are going to publish interesting stories about treasure hunters, metal detectorists, prospectors and their adventures. You will also read about OKM background stories and will learn more about the human history regarding the topic of treasure hunting and metal detection.

OKM in press and media

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Read about OKM metal detectors, field tests and other reports about our company in treasure hunting magazines and newspapers around the world.

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