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Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is not only a recreative hobby but also a profession for some people. It's really exciting to unearth old relics, ancient artifacts or even valuable loot and treasures. OKM's metal detectors and 3d ground scanners can support any treasure hunter in detecting those hidden items and buried objects. On our website you will find many information concerning treasure hunting and metal detecting.

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Due to the particular qualities of the gold detectors you are able to search for precious metals like gold, silver and bronze.

eXp 4500 is a 3d ground scanner and imaging metal detector for treasure hunters, gold seekers and propectors.

Alexander the Great created a powerful world empire and went down in history as one of the most important commanders

The Rover UC undercover metal detector is controlled by a Android smart phone with full 3D graphics and metal discrimination.

eXp 6000 is a wireless 3d ground scanner and metal detector with touch screen and video eye glasses for treasure hunters, gold seekers and prospectors.

Because of the video eyeglasses, several probes, GPS and live-stream it is an all inclusive package for ultimate treasure hunters.

This combined device of the Rover C and the Cavefinder looks for deep laying metals and caves.

Our standard device for locating all metals, ores, meteorites and voids.

FS Future Series offers professional metal detecting instruments for all treasure hunters, metal detectorists, prospectors and gold seekers all around the globe.

To locate a treasure with one of our metal detector products or geophysical instruments is very easy. Our treasure hunting devices are also suitable for beginners or users with less experience in metal detection.

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