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Buried aircraft bits detected in the UK

On a field in the UK different objects like ammunition, crockery, remains of fighter planes and even old documents has been found with the geophysical detector Future I-160. A group of civilians, led by Malcolm Weale and aviation enthusiast Dennis Morris have unearthed substantial finds in a farm field located at the end of a wartime runway. Under comprehensive supervision of historians the valuable findings has been excavated and filmed.

Newspaper article published by "Eastern Daily Press" where Malcolm Weale from Geofizz Ltd. is shown with his detection equipment.
Part of Mosquito cockpit detected by geophysical detection instrument Future I-160.

The discovery included remains of a Mosquito aircraft and has been located in a farm field near to a Norfolk air base. The Mosquito was nicknamed the 'wooden wonder' as metal was in short supply and the majority was made of wood.

The remains included the main spar, undercarriage legs and engine parts along with other objects like crockery, glass bottles, footwear and documents. One of the most valuable and interesting items was a well preserved china plate from AJ Wilkinson LTD.

  British Newspaper Article "Buried aircraft bits are found by radar"

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