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Ancient treasure detected with 3d ground scanner eXp 4000 in Balkan area

Since 1 year the owner of the OKM ground scanner eXp 4000 from the Balkan area is using his locating equipment with many success. He sent us some photos of his findings. Based on his historic knowledge he explored many interesting sites where possible antique treasures could be located. He scanned these areas with the 3d metal detector eXp 4000 and was able to locate many ancient items.

Two ancient bird statues from the private collection discovered with eXp 4000.

The customer wrote us: "I send you these photos of my private collection, so that all people know about the success, which I had with my eXp 4000. This device is the best device in the world."

Head of an ancient imperator statue made of bronze.
Big marble imperator statue detected with 3d metal detector eXp 4000.
Antique plate made of gold, silver and bronze with engraved letters.
Antique oil lamp with face on top.
Graphical representation of some treasure objects in "Visualizer 3D" software.

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