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Videos about OKM metal detectors, metal detecting and treasure hunting ( 3 / 4 )

Here you can find several trailers and user videos of our metal detectors and geophysical equipment.

In this video you will learn basic information about the functionality of the Gepard GPR ground penetrating radar as well as its potential applications.

Short documentary about OKM and the production of metal detectors

  21.05.2013     00:04:27     640 x 360     Black Hawk · Rover UC · Video

The MDR television channel created a short documentary about our company, which is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of metal detectors and geophysical measuring instruments.

In this film we are introducing our new Gepard GPR, a flexible ground penetrating radar, and its unique Android software application.

The news channel EuroNews reported that a French archaeologist, who was using a Rover C II discovered a new underground chamber in the Incan city of Machu Picchu in Peru.

Free trial version of Rover UC application

  02.02.2011     00:02:26     640 x 360     Android App · Rover UC · Video

This video utilizes the Free App of the Rover UC from Google Play. It shows and demonstrates all the software functions.

Introduction of the undercover metal detector Rover UC

  18.01.2011     00:02:30     640 x 360     Android App · Gold Detector · Rover UC · Video

Introduced by an amusing story, the features of the new Rover UC metal detector will be demonstrated. In combination with an Android smart phone, different underground artifacts and objects may be detected and visualized in amazing 3D graphics.

MDR television at OKM

  27.03.2007     00:03:55     640 x 360     Video

The metal detectors and locators of OKM company are widely used by treasure hunters and archeologists.

Fighter plane from World War II discovered in London

  12.01.2007     00:03:26     640 x 360     Archaeology · Battle field · Video

The Future I-160 detected a crashed fighter plane from World War II in the heart of London.

Treasure Hunting in Greece

  12.01.2007     00:03:13     640 x 360     Greece · Treasure Hunting · Video

During World War II inhabitants buried all their treasures together with all their belongings near to the village to save it from attacks and plunderings of enemies.

OKM treasure hunting team searchs for the lost guerilla gold

  10.01.2007     00:06:38     640 x 360     Greece · Treasure Hunting · Video

An exciting adventure of the OKM treasure hunting team searching for the hidden gold of the guerillas.


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